Quickshot Demo (How to edit photos)

Having a Camra and taking pictures is great, but if your not a pro it’s hard to rely on just Camera and skill and that’s where photo editing apps come in!

Quickshot is my all time favorite, it’s easy, reliable, and makes your photos look phenomenal! You can acsses it on your iPhone or iPad in the App Store.

Pros: Quickshot is consently updating its site to new and easer ways to edit and inhance your photos.

Cons: Thought the majority of Quickshot temples are free there is some that can only be accessed with in app purchases.

In this blog i’m going to lead you through the basic steps of making your photos look top notch!

Step one: Accessing Photos

Naturally, the first step is to choose your photo, it’s the easy-peezy part of the whole app. You can access as meany as you desire, no limits.

Step two: First stage of editing

Once you have chosen a photo it will give you the option to access total of nine different ways to edit your photo(s). I’m going to start with editing the sky.
There is thirty-eight diffrent sky layouts to choose from, the first five do not require any in app purchases.
Above the layouts there is a notch you can slid back and forth to adjust the clouds and the direction of the wind.
Once you have chosen the layout of your choice, you can enable the settings by clicking on the layout you have chosen.
Random: allows you to choose between different kinds of clouds
(I.e stormy, puffy, thin, small, and big.)
Feather: with feathering you are able to slid the notch to fit the curve of the abject in your picture better
Horizon: allows you to adjust the horizon to match your photo.
Shift: shifting the clouds with the Direction of the wind
Ambient: changing the temperature of your photo
Detailing: is my favroit. It really helps you bring more life into your pictures by adjusting the amount of detail showing in your photo
Finally opacity enables you to adjust the sky, making it darker or lighter, it also brings more clouds into your picture

Step three: Adding the art

Overlay is the real art in the program. It allows you to enable meany different light fixtures, Moods, leans flares, Sparkles/fireworks, and weather theams.
Portrait is used when you’d preferrer to focus more on the model in the photo and less on your background. Eight different portrait modes. Includes adjustment settings.
Quickshot has a total of forty-eight deferent filters, the first nine are free. Here’s a list a a few: Fade, vibrant, portrait, urban, B&W, film, bright, neutral, cold, and warm.

Part four: adjustment/Cropping

Details is another one of my favs, I like to think of it as one of the secrete ingredients to bringing perfection to your photos. The four keys to having totale perfection in this setting is: adding depth, structure, sharpness, and grain.
Adjusting includeds eleven different adjustment setting: light, contrast, vibrance, shadows, vignette, exposure, highlights, saturation, temperature, tint, and hue. The adjustment settings brighten and allow your photos turn out looking more professional.
Canvas let’s you: Ratio, which allows you to pinch and zoom, adjust the grid and size/shape of your photo. Straighten (zooming). H-scew, zooming on an angle. V-scew, zooming on an up slant, and rotate (good for images that have been tipped the wrong way).

Part five: other fun settings

The photo after magic has done its job.
Magic, is a really cool, new setting that Quickshot recently enabled. Basically, you click on it and it inhances your pictures, thought its super simple, it works to inhance your pics amazingly well.
Finally, last but not least is a little ‘setting’ I like to call the painters adjustments.
Primers are fancy, artsy filters that makes for an exceptional photos. First eight free. A totale of thirty-three primers. Ujustment setting for each primer.

Quickshot is actually one of meany other apps that this program has made:


Theses apps aren’t only super helpful, but also suprisely fun, as well. Fun and productive that’s what I call a two in one!

Theses apps aren’t only super helpful, but also suprisely fun, as well. Fun and productive that’s what I call a two in one!

—Joy Tiberend (TheArtOfLife)

15 thoughts on “Quickshot Demo (How to edit photos)

  1. This was very helpful, as I forgot how to use this app (again) 🙊🙄😅
    Thanks! Totally LOVE the photo you chose Joy.


      1. Yes, please do!
        Same here! Photoshop seems be very popular among bloggers and YouTubers right now; and has an enless supplie of filters to choose from.
        Btw, Quick-shot isn’t the only one, here’s a list of a few more, if your interested:

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